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Metabones Speed Booster Adaptor - Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds ULTRA 0.71x (Black Matt)

Metabones Speed Booster Adaptor - Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds ULTRA 0.71x (Black Matt)

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Always Enhance and Never Degrade the Performance of the Attached Master Lens

Like the ULTRA series for Sony E-mount, the new Speed Booster ULTRA m43 uses an advanced 5-element 4-group optical design incorporating ultra-high index tantalum-based optical glass. However, the new design is specifically optimized for the Micro Four Thirds sensor and filter stack, and as a result achieves an astonishing level of performance that sets a new standard for focal reducers.

Like the revolutionary original Metabones Speed Booster® announced in January 2013, the Speed Booster ULTRA m43 has a magnification of 0.71x, and so it effectively reduces the crop factor of mirrorless Micro Four Thirds mount cameras from 2.0x to 1.4x. However, the new ULTRA design makes very effective use of exotic materials at the furthest limit of glassmaking technology, and as a result is almost perfectly corrected for use with all fullframe SLR lenses regardless of aperture. The Speed Booster ULTRA m43 will also work extremely well with many DX and APS-C format lenses provided the image circle of the lens is large enough. Optical performance of the new Speed Boosters is so good that the MTF of any lens attached to it will be improved. Even the latest generation of ultra-high performance SLR lenses such as the Zeiss Otus series can be improved by adding a Speed Booster ULTRA m43. (More information can be found in the press release here and whitepaper here)

Crop Factors

News Update 2 Dec 2013: Nikon G/F to Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K (BMCC) and Nikon G/F to Blackmagic Pocket Camera (BMPCC) Speed Boosters are available now. BMCC users may consider to purchase Nikon G/F to BMCC 0.64x Speed Booster version, while BMPCC users may consider to purchase Nikon G/F to BMPCC 0.58x Speed Booster version.

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