Rycote INV-2 Static InVision Suspension System

Rycote INV-2 Static InVision Suspension System

Rycote INV-6 Boom and Static Suspension System

Rycote INV-6 suspension mount. Suitable for the Audix M1280, M-Audio Pulsar II and Sennheiser e906, amongst others.

The Rycote INV-6 InVision Microphone Suspension addresses the demand for a professional, Rycote-quality shockmount in the studio, conference settings and speech capturing applications. The entire mount is comprised of two large InVision lyres with two clips that accommodate microphone bodies measuring 19 to 25mm in diameter. The lyres rest on a bar with a 3/8' threaded stand adaptor at the base. The stand adaptor itself features an integrated cable clip for securing excess cable and minimizing noise. The unique lyre suspension is engineered with Hytrel for a virtually indestructible design that maximizes shock and noise suppression. The InVision suspension system is available in various clip sizes to accommodate different microphones. The versatile 19 to 25mm mounting clips included with this system are intended for mounting a wide variety of microphones (under 120mm in length).

If Boompole use is required, choose the BOOMPOLE & STATIC INV-4 to INV-10. If a fixed, discrete profile is essential, use the INV-1, INV-2 and INV 3.

More Information
Clip Diameter: 2 x 19 / 25 mm
InVision: Standard, 70 mm
Bar Length: Standard, 25 mm
Reducing Sleeve: No