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Xlite 105cm Pro Umbrella Octa Softbox plus Grid and Mask for S-Type

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The Xlite 105cm Pro Shallow Umbrella Octa Softbox + Grid is a must-have lighting modifier. With its recessed front edge, it can effortlessly accommodate the included grid, making it ideal for all types of photography. Specially crafted to endure everyday use by professional photographers, this versatile and durable tool is a reliable choice for capturing stunning shots, whether it's in the studio, outdoors, or on-location.

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As a content creator, you'll love these amazing features of the Xlite 105cm Pro Shallow Umbrella Octa Softbox + Grid:

  • Instant setup: This lighting modifier is designed to be super easy to use - it folds down like a regular umbrella, but expands into a full-fledged Octa softbox for instant use. No more fumbling around with complicated setups!
  • Durable and heat-resistant: The softbox is crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant material, which means it's suitable for use with any flash, LED, and fluorescent light sources. This is a game-changer for experimenting with different lighting setups without worrying about damaging your equipment.
  • Even light distribution: The stippled silver lining of the softbox ensures even, edge-to-edge light throughout, which means you can achieve professional-quality lighting in every shot.
  • Customizable lighting: With both internal and external diffusers (which are also removable!), you can adjust the hard/soft ratio of the flash light to suit your needs. This provides unparalleled versatility in refining the look and feel of your photos.
  • Enhanced control: The included grid allows you to better control the light on your subject or background, adding an extra layer of precision to your photography. With all these features, the Xlite 105cm Pro Shallow Umbrella Octa Softbox + Grid is a must-have tool for ataking your craft to the next level.


  • Size: 105cm (41.3 inches) diameter
  • Shape: Octagonal
  • Compatibility: S-Type mount, compatible with most studio strobe lights and speedlights with an S-Type mount
  • Material: Durable and heat-resistant fabric
  • Interior lining: Stippled silver for even, edge-to-edge light
  • Front diffuser: Recessed design for precise positioning and feathering of light
  • Internal and external diffusers: Removable for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light
  • Grid and mask: Included for better control of light spill and accuracy in lighting situations
  • Portability: Folds down like a regular umbrella for easy transportation and storage
  • Ideal for: Portraiture and fashion photography, main light or soft fill light for indoor and outdoor shoots.


Xlite Shallow Octa Softboxes are a game changer when it comes to creating a unique, natural-looking light. Unlike traditional square or rectangular softboxes, the octa shape creates a natural, round catch light in your subject's eyes, which is ideal for portraiture and fashion photography. Additionally, the lack of a long, straight edge on the octa creates a wrapping effect that opens up shadows and creates a gradual gradient from highlight to shadow, resulting in a more natural-looking image not easily replicated with traditional softboxes. Octa softboxes are typically used as a main light or as a soft fill light indoors or out, making them an incredibly versatile lighting modifier.

When shooting on location, time is of the essence, and the Xlite Shallow Octa Softboxes deliver. They fold down like a regular umbrella, but expand straight into an octa softbox for instant use, saving you time compared to traditional softboxes that require rods and speed rings for assembly. The recessed front diffuser allows for more precise positioning and feathering of light, ensuring that you get the perfect shot every time. The included removable grid and mask give you greater control over light spill in situations where accuracy is essential, further enhancing the versatility of this amazing lighting modifier.


  • Outer reflective material
  • Outer diffuser
  • Inner diffuser
  • Speed ring to fit adaptor
  • Bowens & S-Type softbox adaptor 14.4cm
  • Grid
  • 16 Support Rods
  • Padded carry bag



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