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Nanlite PavoTube II Single 30X 4ft RGBW LED Tube

Nanlite PavoTube II Single 30X 4ft RGBW LED Tube

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With its 1.7" diameter and T12 form factor, this PavoTube II 30X RGBWW LED Pixel Tube from NanLite measures 4' and is ideal for hiding unobtrusively in small areas on a set or for shooting in vehicles such as cars, boats, or planes. Not just fun to use, this fixture has serious professional color, control, and power features to make it a valuable asset for anyone.

With an expansive CCT color range of 2700-12,000K, it can handle any ambient light situation or match other fixtures. An RBG mode with green/magenta adjustment gives you access to literally millions of colors and hues to fit your requirements. The 30X runs on an internal, rechargeable Li-ion battery that gives you 1.5 hours of runtime at full power on a two hour and 40 minute charge. Since the tube has a receiver you can control its functions wirelessly via DMX, 2.4 GHz, or Bluetooth.

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