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Kupo 543M 4.2m Master High Cine Stand 165"

Kupo 543M 4.2m Master High Cine Stand 165"

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The Kupo 543M Master High Cine Stand features all-steel construction with chrome-plated finish. The high cine stand features a triple function universal head, the head features both a 28mm (1-1/8") junior receiver and a 16mm (5/8") baby receiver, plus a multi-direction 16mm (5/8) stud. It has a levelling leg that enables the user to extend one leg more than the others to level stand on an incline like stairs or uneven terrain. Whether you are mounting a large Fresnel, butterfly frame or a menace arm, this stand can safely support your lighting at full height due to its strength and large 140cm footprint diameter for great stability.

Compatible with the Kupo KC-100S castors, available separately

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