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Blackmagic Fairlight Console Chassis 2 Bay

Blackmagic Fairlight Console Chassis 2 Bay

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You can arrange the Fairlight modules on either side of the audio editor and change the position of the mouse area. For example, you may be left-handed and want to have the mouse on the left side of the audio editor module. Fairlight modules are mounted in a module bracket that can be lifted out and repositioned. Keep reading this manual for more information on how to install the Fairlight modules into the module brackets. A Fairlight Console Channel Rack Kit is also available from Blackmagic Design resellers if you need to install additional devices in your console. For example, Blackmagic HyperDeck recorders or SmartScope Duo monitors. Additionally, you can install Fairlight Console LCD Monitor Blank, Fairlight Console Channel Control Blank, or Fairlight Console Channel Fader Blank kits.

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