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Atomos UltraSync ONE RF Timecode Sync for Ninja V and AtomX SYNC

Atomos UltraSync ONE RF Timecode Sync for Ninja V and AtomX SYNC

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Sync timecode using genlock, LTC, or word clock between your cameras, audio recorders, smartphones, and other supported devices with the UltraSync ONE RF Timecode Sync from Atomos. The UltraSync ONE is a compact unit that provides timecode sync and can pair each source via RF signals with the Atomos AtomX SYNC for viewing on the Ninja V monitor. It features a bright OLED display for timecode and status information.

The UltraSync ONE features one SYNC BNC output that supports genlock to any supported camera, provides word clock signals to a sound recorder or mixer, and can provide LTC (linear timecode) to a supported LTC device. The BNC LTC port provides input and output of LTC only.

The ONE can also be used as a master or slave, or in standalone mode. It can sync frame-accurate timecode using RF signals by pairing with multiple timecode sync devices such as the AtomX SYNC, UltraSync BLUE, or other RF timecode sync devices over a long range of up to 656'. Once the ONE is synced with the device, timecode is embedded in the recorded files and can be recognized by industry-standard software and NLEs (nonlinear editors).

A USB Type-C cable is included to charge the ONE, which features a built-in 800mAh LiPo battery that lasts up to approximately 24 hours.

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